Every pool may be different but for sure a common thing among every pool is its need for cleaning, maintenance and perhaps some fixing up. In cleaning our pools, it is always best to invest in an expert however as responsible owners, we need to know that we need to do something too. I have here a list of tips in order to help maintain your pool.

  1. Skim the surface of the pool: The easiest way to maintain your pool may be the easiest thing you can do as well. Skim the surface of your pool in order to get rid of any debris or leaves. One way to do this easily is through using a net with a long handle. When you skim your pool, you will be adding lesser chlorine to your pool water.
  2. Vacuum and Brush: In order to clear the water of your pool and reduce the needed chemical you need to add in the water to maintain cleanliness, you need to vacuum your pool at least once a week. When doing this, always try to check on the filter and clean it once in a while. However, even if vacuuming your pool helps in keeping it clean, brushing the walls of your pool will help in cleaning and decreasing the number of algae that grows in the walls of your pool. This helps in preventing further algae problems in the future.
  3. Clean the filter of your pool: There are different kinds of pool filter and each need different kinds of maintenance. You might think that keeping your filter sparkly clean is the way to get the most out of its filtering ability, however, surprising as it may seem, a not so clean filter actually filters best than a filter that’s “too clean”. Nevertheless, make sure that you do not let your filter build up too much dirt!
  4. Water Level: If you think that maintaining the water level is for the purposes of making sure you have a good splash and a good swim, well then you should think it over. Maintaining the water level actually helps in making sure that your pumps won’t be damaged. Moreover, if you empty out your pool for cleaning and maintenance purposes, be sure to fill it back up not long after.
  5. pH Level of your pool: You want to make sure that the water you’re swimming in won’t bring any irritation to your skin when you’re swimming, that’s why you need to check the pH level of the water on your pool. Maintaining a pH level of 7.2 to 7.8 means the water is safe for you to swim in, more than that it helps in making your sanitizers work more.
  6. Look for leaks: Pool leaks are difficult to find thus a water bucket test is the way to go. This is done simply through letting a bucket filled with an adequate amount of water in your pool water while leaving it to float for days, take note of how much water loss was in the bucket and in the water of your pool, if you are getting the same amount of water loss, you are safe for repairing any leaks. The same amount of water loss just means that the water loss you observed was due to evaporation and not a leak.

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