I’m sure you are a fan of pressure washing; however, did you know that as much as it is very beneficial and effective in cleaning your outdoors, in the wrong hands it can also bring damage? That’s why in pressure washing, you need to leave it to the experts. If you want some help in doing some cleaning in your outdoors, pressure washing Naples FL has got your back!

For now, some of you might still want to do your outdoor cleaning on your own through pressure washing. Here are some dos and don’ts for you, so you won’t bring more damage into your home.

What you need to do:

1. Make sure you have enough supply of water when you are going to clean your outdoors through pressure washing. If you don’t have enough water supplies, you’ll need to expect a lesser efficiency when it comes to the cleaning process. One way to determine if your water pressure or supply is enough is to make sure to fill a 5-gallon bucket within 2minutes. If ever your bucket isn’t filled after 2 minutes, this means your water pressure is not enough for the cleaning process you hoped for.

2. Spray angle is very important when it comes to making sure you’re cleaning your dirty surfaces right. This might be an easy task to imagine, however if you have the right water pressure, I’m sure you are in need of a bit of support for you to still be standing.

3. Even if you are making sure of the spray angle in order to reach the right force to eliminate the dirt on the surfaces, always remember that a direct blast can bring damage to the surface you’re cleaning. Thus, always make sure to start light or distance 10 feet away from the surface you’re targeting with your spray.

What you should not do:

1. Never underestimate the power of a pressure washer. The biggest advantage of a pressure washer is its speed and power that’s why as much as it is efficient, it can also be dangerous and can be damaging. Put on safety gear when you are using a pressure washer and always start with a lower pressure in order to ease your way into the job.

2. A pressure washer can be paired with a variety of nozzles. Each nozzle size varies in impact and the narrowest sprays with most pressure. Thus, make sure to use the right nozzle on the surface you’re cleaning.

3. Make sure you are using a pressure washer to efficiently clean and help you with your cleaning purpose. If ever you are cleaning a car that has a paint that’s showing wear and tear, use another cleaning tool instead, as this may bring more damage to the paint of your car instead of cleaning the surface of your car.

A pressure washer is a very efficient cleaning tool in the right and knowledgeable person, however if you are not knowledgeable enough on the dos and don’ts regarding a pressure washer, leave the job to a professional instead to avoid damage.